Consulting Services

      Introducing the premier consultant and designer of fashion for cultural impact. Embracing the vibrant future where music is life, we are currently on pause, supporting global efforts for equality and peace. Our mission revolves around creating opportunities and providing essential information for success. We strive to add positive potential possibilities by engaging communities and interacting with individuals for future generations.


As an artist, we offer assistance to all ages, using art as an outlet and providing support to women and minorities, including veterans and mental health communities. Our deep appreciation for opportunity drives us to assist individuals like 81-year-old artist JC and even extend our services to a one-year-old cancer patient with a G-tube, supporting them at CHLA for years. We take pride in our work with a youth in the Down syndrome spectrum for almost nine years.


Our commitment extends to various causes, including supporting a stage 4 young breast cancer survivor in cancer walks for over four years. We advocate for mental health, equality, and inclusion, actively fighting against poverty by providing outlets and engaging in volunteer work. From personal speaking engagements that began in 2019 to utilizing platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter (now "X"), Facebook, and Instagram, our outreach spans popular names to alternative pathways, ensuring our message reaches diverse audiences like LADYDAYDAO (link to discord group), ( I was on a few Sports projects that provided court refurbishments that we are still working on today if you're interested in knowing more reach out and lets discuss as the links are not provided in this page, to being a force in disruption with contributions like for the Christmas cures for homeless events as well as with Baron Davis DEC 2022(link to event info). Being an early adaptor of tech as well as being involved in this space since early 2019 as a member of over 200 communities being a bridge builder.


A community building member of a few diverse groups one that created some use cases for tech such as this notable one called Rainbow Rolls  NFTP that contributed to Homepage - RIP Medical Debt with providing substantial charitable support with being apart the over 7 million raised to assist over one thousand families. 


established as founding member of a few projects main one LADYDAYDAO

A speaker at 
Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2022
2022 Christmas
Evet with Baron Davis at SoFI stadium Celebrity Basketball game event donations
 Toy Drive 
2022 Dec toy drive in Oxnard 
January 2023 
Consulting for TYMEinc. spending 25k to add woman and minorities into the event in Miami with the Mayor of Miami speaking we were able to be a added Logo for Quantum formerly known as North American Bitcoin Conference. 


Speaker at Art and Entertainment Roundtable 

March 6th 2023

     Sam Watson Celebrity Golf Classic for Charity

As well as support in
Apr 24, 2023 
Braemar Country Club, Tarzana, CA



2pac Star in Hollowood engaging with Tech community members and talking with Ras Kass and MoneyB.  


Speaker at UCLA

 Global Sports Business Forum | UCLA Anderson School of Management

Participant of Shoes for the Homeless 5K Run/Walk to End Shoelessness! 5K Run/Walk to End Shoelessness on October 14th Then adding to Miami walk for Vets that helped with a 105 mile hike for mental health 11/13/23. 


Assisting with Nov 6th Celebrity Golf in Valencia Comedy Gives Back in CA as well as added connections that are new to the space while providing F1 Vegas event opportunities in 2023 and then December we are preparing up again for Art Basel in Miami where we are coordinating panel discussions with woman in blockchain and Athletes like Big3. Currently we added with this event so far Miami event I will have other events if you would like to talk about the opportunities connect as well as some other charities that are to be talked more about when finalized. This year Dec 2023 is almost over and we had a group of people attend the atrist YE (


in Florida as we then later on participated in a beach clean-up on the 11th after Art Basel where #LADYDAYDAO group spent hours picking up trash and now we look for the future with all it provides us with the clothing driving possibilities.